Stotles & Bid Perfect partnership: find better opportunities & build better bids

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Our Newest Partner

Announcing our newest addition to the Stotles Partner Programme: Bid Perfect!

Bid Perfect specialises in training, resourcing, and advising teams on bid processes across public sector verticals. Bid Perfect holds decades of market experience, serving both SMEs and market leading enterprises like Pfizer, Mitie, and JLL.

This partnership is designed to help more teams get the necessary guidance, knowledge, and support to turn opportunities found on Stotles into more wins further down the sales funnel. 

We welcome you to join our first virtual partnership event on 23 June 2021. During the event, we'll share new, data-driven tactics used by leading companies to find and win better public sector opportunities. We'll also show how you can benefit from our partnership with Bid Perfect. Reserve your spot here.

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Why Bid Perfect

Sales and bid teams use Stotles to find, create, and organise better opportunities in the public sector. As our customers use data-driven tactics to find better opportunities, we are often asked for support, guidance, and training so that teams can better execute on these opportunities.

One of our goals is to equip the Stotles ecosystem with all the necessary tools to access the public sector. This includes enabling access to industry-relevant support and services throughout the sales funnel.

That's why we're thrilled to collaborate with Bid Perfect! Bid Perfect brings a seasoned suite of services - across bid resourcing, training, and advising - across verticals such as facilities management, business services, and pharmaceuticals.

Our partnership with Bid Perfect adds new, sharper tools to the belts of our customers. It will provide end-to-end guidance needed to navigate the public sector sales and procurement cycle - from sourcing opportunities all the way to winning them.

The Partnership Headlines

  • The partnership will deliver a co-developed offering to current customers and the broader market: 
    • Anyone can start finding relevant opportunities using Stotles Basics for free.
    • Eligible Bid Perfect clients receive exclusive partner-level access to Stotles' platform - unlocking more advanced insights to find better and earlier opportunities. 
    • Stotles & Bid Perfect will jointly provide practical guidance to the broader market.

What's next

As our partnership goes live today, we welcome you to take advantage of free access to Stotles. Our platform can help you save time finding and creating more relevant opportunities in the public sector.

If you have questions about bid support, training, or guidance, reach out to Bid Perfect, who can provide concrete guidance which leads to more winning bids.

And from there, we hope to see you at our first partnership event on 23 June. Sign up here to reserve your spot.

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