Freshworks & Stotles collaborate; pub-sec team posts 88% growth amidst pandemic


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Freshworks used Stotles to boost its public sector sales efficiency

The pandemic struck. With it, the world lost plenty of carefully planned go-to-market strategies of companies seeking growth in the public sector market. 

Meet-and-greets? Gone. In-person meetings? Nope. Conferences and events? Forget about it. Things had changed.

Many firms scrambled to figure out what message to take to market and which government buyers to speak to. But Freshworks, a leading customer experience software company, responded by implementing a focused, data-driven strategy - enabling their sales and marketing teams to speak with the right buyers, using the right message, at the right time.

As an early adopter of Stotles, Freshworks used our sales enablement platform to power their go-to-market plan for the public sector. 

Headline results after 9 months using Stotles 

  • 88% year-over-year growth in UK&I public sector 
  • #1 performing team in Freshworks' EU operations
  • 53% of qualified leads driven by Stotles sales-enablement platform
  • 32x ROI on their investment in using Stotles

To see how they did it, get the case study here.

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"We're more aware of everything that's going on in the market and can use the information to make sure we engage the right people, with the right info, at the right time"

-Olly Phillips, Senior Account Executive, Freshworks


The Take-Aways

Our research shows that teams who get ahead of tenders see significantly higher growth in the public sector market. Freshworks showed further concrete evidence that getting proactive works.

In spite of a pandemic and increased competition from players like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, the Freshworks UKI approach and using Stotles platform led to record results.

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